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First, reach out to us to let us know what you need and we'll discuss the best solution. Most likely, we'll go over details about your business/brand and run through some questions about what your needs consist of. From there, we will formulate a plan, proposal, and cost details to go over. Once all is golden, we'll get started with concepts and sketches for your logo to anaylze. The next phase begins reviewing, discussing, and tweaking concepts to develop the perfect logo for your needs.
As much as we wish we could, we just can't put a solid number on creating a website. A website is a broad term and has many different uses. It could involve a single page, static, informative site or it could mean a 26 page, blog and ecommerce site – which are two very different projects. To get an honest price, feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you need. We'll analyze the general project and get a much better idea on the time, cost, and resourses needed.
As a truth, design related work can be a subjective enterprise. While we always try to collect all information needed to create a perfect piece, our goal is producing something that you as a customer will love and suite the project best. We always go through a series of sketches, concepts and revisions with each project. It is then, that we can eliminate any designs that don't meet your needs or fit the project.
To us, SEO is related directly to how your website is created, developed, and organized. We've learned throughout the years that information structure and relevancy relate directly to search engine visibility and popularity. Aside from those solid practices of meta tags, website organization, information structure, and relvancy we don't usually implement other SEO strategies.
Unless otherwise discussed, a website project consists of website design and development with an end product of a full functioning website. Any required or requested future maintenece is usually an additional cost billed hourly, depending on the work. We'll never send a surprise invoice, or perform maintanence unless communicated with you. For Wordpress sites, most maintenance can be performed by the client.
Depending on use, we'll determine if a static, non-CMS website or a CMS-run website is best. A non-CMS website can be a little more cost-effective if you do not plan on updating content often. If you're needing a more robust, blog or e-commerce website, a CMS is usually the way to go. For that, Wordpress is our CMS of choice.
Turn around time depends greatly on project type, needs, and the current project schedule on our end. Please reach out to us with project details for an accurate turnaround time.
Absolutely! We love getting out of the office and meeting with clients face to face. Reach out to set up a meeting in and around Denver. (Local coffee shops have a special place in our hearts.)
We wanted something that conveyed and represented something we thought lacked in the design world. We wanted a studio name that represented our work ethic as well as our life ethic: honesty, fairness, and comfort. Long story short, Honest House means a honest design studio you can trust and be completely comfortable working with.

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